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A Good Place To Start

Riders of the Purple Sage 1


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Categorization is odious. There is tremendous overlap among genres. These pigeonholes are offered only as a convenience.

Zane Grey (1872 - 1939)

added by mkiker2089


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mkiker2089 June 6th, 2006 06:06 AM PST

I haven't read a Zane Grey book, but since no one else is talking I will pass on what advice has been given to me.

I'm told that the best place to start with westerns is with either Zane Grey or Louis L'Amour. With Zane there is one book that stands head and shoulders above the rest and that is Riders of the Purple Sage.

RofPS was censored when it was released in the early 1900's for political reasons, yes PC has always been around. I'm told the major problem was it's negative stereotypes towards Mormans, but that's second hand info.

There is a newly restored version which represents Zane's prefered edition ISBN 1594141304


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Zane Grey (January 31, 1872 - October 23, 1939), born Pearl Zane Gray (he later dropped "Pearl" and changed the a to an e in "Grey") was an American author of popular adventure novels and pulp fiction that presented an idealized image of the rugged Old West.

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